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Groundlab’s International Collaborative Platform constructs a constant interaction with offices and individuals across the world:


AMMAN, JORDAN:  Sarah Majid (AALU, Groundlab co-founder)
Head of Urban Design – Architect & Urban Designer at PRAXIS
Praxis is an Architecture and Urban Design studio where experimentation, research and intellectual rigor are the driving force behind our projects. We capitalize on building a strong multi-disciplinary team where knowledge transfer, international exposure, and critical thinking become the core values of our studio. Since its creation, Praxis has always been involved in designing the most sophisticated and important projects in the Middle East and Africa. We are experienced in dealing with governmental bodies and in managing large engineering consortiums required to accomplish large urban developments. In Praxis, it is our passion for design that distinguishes us and enables us to attract and undertake challenging projects. We work closely with our clients. We deliver designs that enhance our cities.


SANTIAGO DE CHILE:  Alejandra Bosch (AALU) and Arturo Lyon
LyonBosch Arquitectos is an architecture office committed to design research and experimentation to produce innovative forms and spatial organizations that catalyse new relationships between ecological, programmatic, social and material conditions.
Our design processes start from the analysis of site specific conditions and seek to broaden the range of variables that inform them. Forms emerge from connections between tectonic speculations and design criteria articulated through the use of parametric design, programming, evolutionary processes and digital fabrication. These technologies are oriented to a context where fabrication is mostly industrial and construction is hand-crafted.
We use our approach as a multi-scalar methodology, enabling us to research and work across different fields of design: furniture, architecture, landscape and urban design, both in academic and professional practice.


SURAT, INDIA:  Karishma Desain (AALU) and Shivarao Channapattan
Atelier [D]sync. is a collaborative international design practice, operating in the realm of Architecture, Planning, Urban Design and Landscape Urbanism. It is committed to deliver innovative and pragmatic solutions to enhance built-environment through an inclusive and collaborative design approach.
Founded in 2012, with an intention to create a space for design innovation to explore Architecture and Urbanism beyond its material and design aesthetics and to bring a new paradigm shift in contemporary design practice.
Our focus is to develop a series of innovative design methodologies and tools to facilitate spatial planning which has the capacity to enhance distinctiveness of a place and exemplify the potential of local intelligence synchronized with a global vision towards design. Atelier [D]sync is operating from India with collaborative Associates in London, China and Spain.
We conceive design as a mode of research to synchronize the idea through a constant interaction between various stakeholders and adopt a combination of analytical tools and cutting edge technology to facilitate our clients to achieve their aspirations in harmony with culture, place and time.


RIO DE JANEIRO: Eva Tsouni (AALU, Groundlab co-founder)

Eva studied Architecture at North London University (UNL) and received her MA degree in landscape urbanism with distinction from the Architectural Association (AA) in London in 2005. During and after her education, she was actively involved in design and research work. She worked at ARUP London, participated in landscape urbanism workshops in China and Mexico with the AA, and worked in collaboration with well-established architectural firms in Athens, Greece, such as deca architecture and workshop-s. As of 2010 Eva lives with her family in São Paulo, Brazil. After working for a few months with Isay Weinfeld, she is currently working as a freelance architect and she is part of Groundlab Ltd. collective, that is an emerging international practice of Landscape Urbanism.


 MEXICO CITY: Jose Hesner Sanchez

Architect by the Iberoamerican University with a Master in Urbanism at Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, Barcelona. He has experience working for different companies in the field of architecture and urbanism. He is the co-founder of  Terriotrios Taller de Arquitectura that focuses in projects at different scales: architecture, city and territorial studies. He is also a professor at Universidad Iberoamericana. From 2011 he is part of the AA Mexico City Visiting School by the Architectural Association School of Architecture.



Benjamin is an architect with a strong interest in planning, civic technology, urban design, and design education. He has been developing and teaching creative applications of technology in design for the past five years, most recently at Architecture Association Visiting Schools in Tel Aviv, Mexico City, San Francisco, and Bilbao and as a lecturer in the Architecture Department at UC Berkeley, and the Industrial Design Department at California College of the Arts. Ben worked several years with Nicholas de Monchaux on the Local Code Project, and teaching CNC fabrication techniques to students and faculty at UC Berkeley.