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PROJECT: Delta, Andermatt, Switzerland, Shortlisted

TYPE: International Competition for the Andermattt  Master Plan 2011

CLIENT:  Andermatt Municipality

DATE: June 2011

CREDITS: José Alfredo Ramírez, Eva Castro, Zhuo Li, Marta Postigo, Ignacio Gias, Nicola Saladino, Federico Ruberto with Holger Kehne and Eduardo Rico

The proposal is based on the prominence of the land as a mediator between the eidetic tourists’ expectations, the actual infrastructure and the spatial development patterns, under the influence of the contemporary realities and demands of the 21st Century. The question is how to translate such situation from the supposed problem into an identity and relevant local presence as it can be.
The project acknowledges the Alps and its massive presence and morphology as a reference, and proposes and connective network that mediate this landscape, the required programme and the necessary infrastructure to make it happen. Delta project operates as a solid base for an authentic material architecture and infrastructural urbanism to response to Andermatt local conditions and necessities.