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PROJECT: Flowing Gardens, Xian, China, International Horticultural Fair, 1st Prize

TYPE: International Competition

CLIENT:  Xian Municipality

DATE: Opened April 2011

CREDITS: Groundlab and Plasmastudio with LAUR studio, ARUP and BAID

Eva Castro, Holger Kehne,José Alfredo Ramírez, Eduardo Rico, Hossein Kachabi, Jorge Ayala, Mehran Garlegui and Evan Greeberg with Nadia Kloster, Steve De Micoli, Elisa Kim, Filipo Nassetti, Federico Ruberto, Rui Liu, Kezhou Chen and Clara Oloriz,

GroundLab, in collaboration with Plasma Studio, were successful in winning this international competition following invitation, with a radical self-sustainable vision for the future. The project entitled Flowing Gardens creates constant functionality using water, planting, circulation and architecture harmonized into one seamless system.

The proposal comprises of a 5000m2 Exhibition Hall, a 4000m2 Greenhouse and a 3500m2 Gate Building sitting in a 37 ha landscape that will house the International Horticultural Expo and create a park for Xi’an City as its legacy. The opening will be in 2011, and is expected to receive approximately 15 Mio visitors.