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PROJECT: Taichung Gateway Park, Taiwan, Shortlisted

TYPE: International Taichung Gateway Park Competition

CLIENT:  Taichung municipality, Taiwan

DATE: Octubre 2011

CREDITS: Alfredo Ramirez, Eva Castro, Zhuo Li, Marta Postigo, Ignacio Gias, Nicola Saladino, Federico Ruberto with Eduardo Rico.

The reason for a park is that of providing a chance to weave the cityscape of our urban environments with ecologies and places with entirely different character. In this sense, the park weaves distant and local territories into the ultimate form of metropolitan experience, helping to forge character and long term vision of the entire city.  The design of this park in Taichung becomes the key to produce a resolutely cosmopolitan and distinct experience for Gateway Development and, up to a certain extent, the entire city. In a nutshell, weaving shall become the main concept to turn the Landscape of Gateway Park into the strongest form of Urbanism.