PROJECT: Ground Ecologies, Shanghai, China, 1st Prize

TYPE: International Competition

CLIENT: Shanghai Planning Bureau

DATE: December 2010

CREDITS:  José Alfredo Ramírez,Eva Castro, Cristina Barrios, Wen Wen Wang, Nicola Saladino, Federico Ruberto with Eduardo Rico

Ground Ecologies is a winning competition entry for the redevelopment of the Jia Ding District. The site is located in the outer area of Shanghai City and is part of the greater master plan of the city to develop peripheral new districts that can cope with the rapid urban development and the need to provide residential and mix-used areas with direct access to the city centre.
The competition called for the transformation of the industrial site into a high dense residential area boost by the newly open metro line station, placed in the border of the site and a highway. These infrastructures will ensure direct and close connections to the centre of Shanghai, allowing Jia Ding district to become an important local centre and a realistic alternative for Shanghai urban development in the near future.